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Raising awareness and enhancing a top class medieval complex with potential yet to be optimised

The town of Hostalric has a walled section from medieval times that, together with the castle fortress, constitutes one of the most impressive historical complexes in Catalonia. However, Hostalric has not been able to make the most of this heritage to date. Although it's close to the Costa Brava, few people visit the medieval town and castle. Transversal's job has been to plan how to boost tourism, making it a complementary sector for Hostalric's economy, as well as turning the town into a leading tourist destination in Catalonia.

Transversal therefore drew up a proposal that takes visitors back to the medieval world, under the following brand: “Viscounty of Cabrera”. After an initial diagnosis, the study reached the conclusion that a clear model of tourism needed to be defined. Firstly, a new image should be created to improve the capacity to "sell" the complex. A proposal was therefore made to link Hostalric to a broader terrain, the old viscounty of Cabrera, and create a brand that Hostalric can capitalise on. In this way we take advantage of history itself, something that must be completed by improving the product on offer: a more diversified visit to the historic complex and its surrounding area, of great natural interest; and more incentives for the family target, for example by creating an interpretation centre where people can experience the medieval world, starring one of Catalonia's leading noble families: the Cabrera clan.