Development of the Tourism Communication Plan

Manresa Council



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Elements for a global promotion campaign for Manresa

Manresa's Tourism Image and Communication Plan contains a series of actions aimed at promoting the town for tourism, including the setting up of a Tourist Office. The initial actions carried out focused on the following:

  • Logo and slogan. A logo was designed with an elegant style and the slogan "Manresa, a thousand year old city" was created, referring to the town's historical heritage.
  • Posters for general promotion. Four posters were produced to enhance Manresa's image as a tourist destination: three dedicated to the proposal's essential themes (medieval, baroque and moderniste) and one generic poster focusing on the city's impressive facade.
  • Map-guide and leaflet for general distribution. A tourist map was published to guide visitors around the city, including three themed routes, as well as a leaflet describing Manresa's main tourist attractions.
  • Brochures on specific themes. Three brochures were produced on the most important attractions: La Seu (cathedral), the Ignasi route and the main festivals and events.
  • Manresa tourist guide. This book widens the content in the brochures with a guide format, designed to be useful and practical for visitors.
  • Merchandising. Tee shirts, bags, folders with the city's tourism image.
  • Exhibition at the Tourist Office. A series of displays showing the city's main attractions.