Bread, oil and wine, living and feeling the Mediterranean

Barcelona Maritime Museum, co-produced with the Caixa de Manresa Foundation


Barcelona Maritime Museum

  • Pa, oli i vi, viure i sentir la Mediterrània 0

A tour through the emblematic elements of Mediterranean gastronomy and sensibility

This exhibition forms part of a series of six exhibitions organised by the Maritime Museum, whose aim was to provide a historical view and also a future perspective of where the future of the Mediterranean is heading and should be heading, highlighting cultural, historical, ethnic and other features in order to improve mutual understanding.

In this case, the exhibition followed a type of design started in the previous exhibition, with fabric platforms evoking the different shapes of sails. The exhibition's discourse is based on three emblematic elements from Mediterranean gastronomy, related to the Mediterranean way of life, similar lifestyles (along clearly anthropological lines) and how these form a common thread throughout the different groups populating the area.