Water Centre of Can Font

La Sèquia Board of Manresa


Water Centre of Can Font, Manresa

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A whole farmhouse dedicated to explaining everything about the culture of water

The farmhouse or "masia" of Can Font in Manresa has been refurbished to install an interpretation centre focusing on the theme of water. This facility forms part of the more general proposal for the Park of La Sèquia.

The upper floors of the farmhouse are used for educational classrooms and a hydraulic laboratory, documentation centre and archive. The ground floor holds an exhibition space that can be visited by the general public. The aim is to offer exhibitions that serve as an introduction to help raise awareness of the new culture of water. Thematically, the first exhibition is on the rational use of water and explains the presence of water in the world, with the ultimate aim of offering guidelines for responsible consumption. The second exhibition develops the theme of the water cycle in cities and explains the circuit made by water from the time it arrives at the plant to produce drinking water to the sewer network and waste water treatment plant.