Pere Casaldàliga, a committed voice

Araguaia Foundation / Catalan Government



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An exhaustive and intriguing overview of the life and work of an emblematic and popular bishop

The exhibition “Pere Casaldàliga, a committed voice”, which travelled all over Catalonia, showed the life and work of the bishop from Bages, resident of Brazil for many decades, and who became a symbol of dedication to the poor.

The display was divided into four large sections: an introduction brings us to the section where the symbolic elements of the bishop are presented, which transmits the key elements of his character. The second looks at his origins and describes his life trajectory. The third is the biggest and most complex area of the display: it's dedicated to his causes and shows the motivations and ideas that justified his action. The poetry of the land is the fourth area, presided over by a large mural which ends the exhibition.

For the exhibition’s display, treated cardboard was used; a noble, simple, recyclable and robust material. The surface of the display was shaped like a part of the Amazon forest, where you could read significant extracts from the work of Casaldàliga.