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La Sèquia Board 


Parc de l’Agulla, Manresa

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An exhibition set-up to demonstrate the attractions of La Sèquia in Manresa and stimulate tourism

The Park of La Sèquia is a proposal to encourage tourism and leisure around the medieval canal that runs through the Pla de Bages area. The Visitor Centre is a space designed to help people understand what the Sèquia is and what activities can be carried out around it. That's why the plan is to create an exhibition set-up to motivate and stimulate visitors.

The result of the project is the creation of a mosaic of images showing the main attractions of Sèquia and its surrounding area. The set-up fills the interior of a pavilion measuring approximately 120 m2, with a small reception and exhibition, which has three areas: History, Nature and Heritage. The exhibition space is structured orthogonally, based on square boxes that allude to a stone construction typical of the canal, namely aqueducts. A large model of the canal also shows places of interest in terms of heritage and nature that can be visited.