Manresa Ribbon Trade Museum

mNACTEC / La Sèquia Board


Manresa Technology Museum, the city's old water tanks

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A unique exhibition to discover the secrets of ribbon production

The aim of this exhibition is to explain how ribbons and other narrow fabrics used to be made. The Ribbon Trade Museum, located in the building of the Old Tanks of Manresa, is the first dedicated to this theme throughout Spain.

Via a collection of machines and other valuable objects, the production process is explained. Important collateral spaces are also recreated, such as the owner's office, the carpenter's shop and laboratory, so that visitors get a more general view of the world of ribbon production. The panels and audiovisuals of the production process add character to the exhibition.

Transversal was in charge of all the details, including the reception of the museum, the posters, supervising the restoration and locating the new pieces.