Visitor centre for the Old Town of Súria

Súria Council


Súria Castle

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  • Centre de Visitants del Poble Vell de Súria 1
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An exciting audiovisual set-up to discover what life was like in a medieval castle

In order to turn the castle into the nerve centre of a visit to Súria, a museographic set-up was carried out to demonstrate life in a fortified building.

Transversal took on the complete process of producing the visitor centre, from the original idea based on the preliminary brief, including the design and execution, up to the final finish. In this case, the aim is to get the public's attention through emotions, using a dramatised visit based on lighting and sound installations. Through a guided circuit, visitors gradually discover various scenes from the inside of a medieval castle, with a narrator explaining their memories and guiding visitors.

The visit is complemented with another set-up, focusing on the content, which explains what the Old Town is and its historical background.