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Santpedor (Bages)

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To exploit the tourism potential of a town with a medieval tradition in the Bages region

Santpedor is a town in the Bages region that has an old, medieval centre with significant architectural and historical heritage. The old town has been reconditioned and the town's streets now provide a pleasant area where visitors can be easily welcomed. However, until the work started, this tourism potential had hardly been exploited at all.

Transversal made a tourism proposal focusing on an itinerary through the medieval town and an interpretation centre dedicated to Timbaler del Bruc, a legendary figure with great meaning as a symbol and also for the town's identity. This emblematic figure for the town serves as a starting point to differentiate Santpedor and attract visitors. At the same time, the planning work has been complemented by the publication of a preliminary element of tourism communication: a map-guide with a medieval itinerary and other routes to discover the town and its surroundings.