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Tibidabo Amusement Park – BAMSA
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Theming of Tibidabo's three viewpoints in order to record and share visitors' memories of their time there

The theming of Tibidabo's three viewpoints, called Tibi clicks, has been inaugurated, the aim being for these places to serve as photocalls, all with the same leitmotif: sharing visitors' memories of their time at Tibidabo. This project is by Varis Arquitectes and results from a joint project tender won with Transversal Produccions Culturals.

The aim of the higher viewpoint is to be a rest area but also an Instagrammable space thanks to the great views it offers of the Barcelona skyline. The area is made up of a large central wooden platform with spaces for visitors to relax, accompanied by large cubes of light and several plants that make the whole area very pleasant.

The central viewpoint is presided over by twelve giant stereoscopic photographs, which allow visitors to see and relive the past of Tibidabo and the city of Barcelona. The aim of these large-format structures is to provide a large-scale reproduction of the old stereoscopic cameras that existed in the 19th century, which made it possible to capture 3D images thanks to the two lenses in the camera. Based on the eye's binocular vision, with each eye receiving a slightly different point of view of reality, the mind combines the two images into a three-dimensional one.

And at the lower viewpoint is the new Espai 666, a portrait gallery of the illustrious characters who live in Hotel 666 (located at this level of Tibidabo), who come to life from time to time. This is a creepy place where visitors can get to know these characters via video mapping and, at the end of the visit, they can even take a selfie with them, making the entire tour a frightening experience that's fun and a fun experience that's frightening.