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Santa Coloma de Cervelló
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Expansion of the current Güell Colony exhibition with an immersive visual narrative

Grup Transversal has extended the permanent exhibition at the Güell Colony's interpretation centre, located in the building of this old industrial cooperative.
Several interpretive graphic pieces have been designed and two large-format multimedia montages created to complement the current exhibition with an immersive visual narrative. In the first audiovisual area, visitors take a tour of the history of the church at the Colony, focusing particularly on the curious method employed by Antoni Gaudí to design it and the construction of its crypt, the only part of this architectural project that was actually built.
In the second area, visitors find out more about the challenges posed by the disappearance of the architectural project for the church and the subsequent 3D reconstruction of the part that was never built, carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Innsbruck and led by Rainer Graefe. In this area, an audiovisual is projected onto polarised glass, which turns it opaque or transparent as required. This technique produces an interesting visual effect, in which the images projected onto the glass  and seen when it's opaque are combined with actual models located behind the glass, seen once it becomes transparent. In this way, visitors can compare the church that was originally envisaged and which takes shape for the first time before their eyes, with the actual physical models made of it.