Salt Route

Súria Council


Along the Cardener River, between the towns of Cardona and Manresa

  • Ruta de la Sal 0
  • Ruta de la Sal 1
  • Ruta de la Sal 2

A themed route to enhance and promote the attractions of Cardener

The course of the Cardener River, in the Bages, has some of the most outstanding tourist sites in the county: the castle and the salt mountain of Cardona, the old town of Súria and medieval Manresa.

First of all, Transversal carried out a study to unearth the historical events that could be used. It then carried out a strategic analysis to determine the characteristics required by the new product and developed a themed route about the medieval era and about salt. A route that, following the example of the Cistercian Route, unites forces, raises awareness and ensures success for the area of Cardener, helping to develop resources that, alone, have a more limited potential.