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County of Bages

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Launch of a gastronomic brand with value and personality

Manresa and Bages county have made a significant commitment to tourism with several projects underway but gastronomy has yet to be covered, an essential element to ensure a complete tourism plan is successful. With the participation of the Bages Hotel and Catering Guild, a working group has been set up consisting of professionals from the catering sector. The aim is to design a gastronomy based on the county's identity and tradition which can be presented in the form of consumable products.

Once this preliminary work was complete, and with the participation of various sector professionals, a series of six dishes were defined (two first courses, two main courses and two desserts) that form the basis of a joint menu shared by the restaurants belonging to a promotional campaign. This campaign has promoted a new brand: "Gastronomy of the Bages", whose star ingredient is cod. The aim is to bring about a renowned gastronomy with personality as a fundamental element in promoting tourism in the county.