Rings of the Mediterranean

Caixa Foundation, Manresa


Plana de l’Om exhibition hall, Manresa

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Exhibition to promote the history and meaning of the Sardana (Catalan Folk Dance) and the traditional Cobla bands

This exhibition was dedicated to the Sardana, for the Cultural Group of Bages’ Promotion of the Sardana. The exhibition set out a tour through the history and evolution of the Sardana starting from a general approach, Mediterranean dances, and emphasising the evolution of this particular dance and the musical formation that interprets it: the Cobla.

The exhibition used different interpretative resources: an introductory audiovisual presentation that familiarised the visitor with the ancestral dances and the Mediterranean dances, different informative canvases that helped us understand the meaning of the Sardana as a characteristic feature of our popular cultural and more concretely, the culture of the Bages region, historical photographs and a minimalist set with a platform and the different Cobla instruments.