25 years of Correfoc (“fire-runs”)

Caixa Foundation, Manresa


Plana de l’Om Exhibition hall (Manresa)

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Live the experience and sensations of the Manresa Correfoc, one of the main fire shows in Catalonia

The Manresa Correfoc is an authentic means of collective expression and one of the most attractive elements is the active participation of the Manresa people, who do not limit themselves to looking at the spectacle, but who get involved as participants and who become the essential element of the celebration. For this reason, in this exhibition created by Transversal, the visitor was the protagonist and could interact with the exhibition.

The display made a journey through 25 years of Correfocs and encouraged the visitor to get into the celebration, study it and even to touch and feel some of the most relevant pieces – wardrobe, masks, the elements of fire and bestiary. Finally, an enveloping audiovisual collage allowed the visitor, from a 360 degree projection, to experience the feeling of participating in the Correfoc, with a virtual yet realistic explosion of sound and images.