Remodelling Manresa Cathedral's visitor areas

Basílica de Santa Maria de la Seu de Manresa
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A number of changes have improved the quality of visits to Manresa Cathedral.

Of the many reforms that are being carried out by Grup Transversal to improve the Cathedral's visitor experience there are three key improvements a new audiovisual has been created, the audiovisual room has been improved and the reception and shop have been remodelled.  

The Cathedral's reception and shop have been remodelled using a contemporary design with clean lines and white as the main colour. Following these criteria, a new reception desk has been designed, as well as storage units, displays for the shop area based on a mobile shelving system and a screen providing information on different offers for tourists and events held at the Cathedral, among other innovations. Finally, the centre's large logo gives a more corporate feel to the whole complex.

The audiovisual room has also been reconditioned with new programmed lighting and benches for visitors, as well as a new audiovisual programme in Catalan, Spanish, English and French and subtitled versions to provide visitors with a better service.  

The audiovisual is projected directly onto the building's ashlars to generate a crucial effect: the stones talk to us of the past, preserving the memory of different events. Impressive videos of the Cathedral recorded by drone, as well as animations, 2D image treatments, old photographs, etc. show how the Cathedral was created at a crucial time for the city of Manresa and designed by an exceptional master builder, becoming one of the great emblems of Catalan Gothic.