Interactive table: Guitars

Museu de la Música de Barcelona
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A new interpretative element for the impressive collection of guitars at the Barcelona Museum of Music

Grup Transversal was commissioned to create a new interpretative element for the large collection of guitars at the Barcelona Museum of Music (Museu de la Música de Barcelona), comprising nearly one hundred and fifty instruments that bear witness to the organological, aesthetic and social changes over the years.
The different interactive items have been arranged using on a modern, clear and user-friendly design in line with the Museum's graphic image. The home screen for the table reproduces the layout of the collection of guitars that visitors can see inside the display case, while the menu's design is based on the frets of a guitar, offering a wide range of information. The content goes far beyond a simple description of each piece as it includes different sections: important moments in the history of the guitar, audio pieces, audiovisuals of the restoration and construction of different pieces, curious facts and anecdotes and a guitar gallery, among others.
In short, the new interactive table aims to familiarise the public with the world of guitars from different perspectives and also to bring the collection to life - considered to be one of the best guitar collections in the world - by adding content that complements the display's discourse.