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The first interactive application for dentists and patients that explains digital dental treatments

The latest advances in dentistry include implant surgery treatments and the replacement of dental pieces using fully digital systems. In this new context, the company AVINENT asked Transversal to design and produce a new, innovative free application with content never before available on the market, which provides dentists with a highly practical interactive tool to explain to their patients the different kinds of digital treatment they can offer. Patients, who can also download the app, can therefore appreciate the specific details of treatments, resolve any doubts they may have and also access all the information they need.

“My digital treatment” is the name of the app and it's available for iOs and Android, on tablets, mobiles and computers. The application uses real 3D images and animations, as well as being very user-friendly, and includes all kinds of possible treatments: implant surgery, rehabilitation of a single tooth, of several teeth or the whole set, with all the techniques and materials on the market. It also has a complete section to resolve any questions patients may have.