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Acompañando el liderazgo digital de AVINENT IMPLANT SYSTEM

Transversal has worked for the AVINENT Implant System since it was founded, a product and service company specialising mainly in dentistry, and has designed its communication strategy in all its phases. The company is currently an international leader in digital dentistry.

Transversal draws up the company's communication plans and has recently also created a new strategy to fully publicise the brand's digital leadership. This includes a range of actions, both the creation of a new graphic image, latest generation and with great impact, as well as the planning and implementation of advertising campaigns, marketing, etc. The whole image and campaign for the new, innovative guided surgery system created by AVINENT is particularly impressive, as well as the launch campaign for Avinent Glass, an application for Google that's a global pioneer, as well as other actions.

Transversal also creates and manages communication, application design (catalogues, corporate publications, etc.), the press service, etc. A global communication service for an incredibly important client.