Museographic project for Salvador Dalí's Birthplace in Figueres

Figueres Town Council
  • Casa Natal de Salvador Dalí 1
  • Casa Natal de Salvador Dalí 2
  • Casa Natal de Salvador Dalí 3
  • Casa Natal de Salvador Dalí 4
  • Casa Natal de Salvador Dalí 5
  • Casa Natal de Salvador Dalí 6
  • Casa Natal de Salvador Dalí 7
  • Casa Natal de Salvador Dalí 8

A museographic project aimed at converting Salvador Dalí's birthplace into a large, multi-sensorial and evocative space

Grup Transversal and Varis Arquitectes SLP have drafted and designed the museographic project for Salvador Dalí's birthplace with immersion as the key value of the proposal. Scenographic recreations that become real scenarios thanks to the use of holograms, kaleidoscopes, mappings and immersive projections, interactive devices, light and sound effects... all the museographic resources available to tell a story that helps visitors truly understand the genius of surrealism.

The tour becomes a great narrative with scenes that take place in the various rooms of this building, with visitors being guided by an inner dialogue between two voices: Dalí himself, made up of fragments of his thoughts, writings, quotes, interviews, statements... and a narrator who'll accompany visitors along the tour to guide them and encourage their curiosity and complicity, whilst also helping to clarify what the artist can't explain in first person, as well as what others think of him.

This model of experiential museography, focusing on the figure of Dalí, has also been designed to benefit the city of Figueres as it aims to create a new attraction that will enhance the town's position in the Empordà region.