La Pedrera Photo Experience

Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera
La Pedrera-Casa Milà, Barcelona
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A new service with which visitors can take away a framed photo or video as a souvenir of their visit to La Pedrera

Thanks to chroma key set-up, visitors to La Pedrera have the chance to take a photograph or video of themselves layered over exceptional backgrounds: historical parts of the house, a beautiful sunset from the roof of the building, or the most curious vignettes published during the construction of the building.

An innovative app designed especially for the occasion replaces the chroma key background with the chosen setting and creates the photo or video in high resolution. The app then activates a QR code which visitors can use to access and download the result directly. Finally, the only thing left to do is to share their photo or video on social media!

The visitor service staff have an interactive tablet so they can see the result in real time, making the whole process much easier and avoiding the need to manipulate any of the photographic devices.

Grup Transversal has designed, programmed and executed the entire app exclusively in order to create this new service.