Management of the Alícia Foundation educational service

Alícia Foundation

Since 2007

Món Sant Benet, Sant Benet de Bages

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Conception and management of workshops and activities at the Alícia Foundation to promote good eating habits

The Alícia Foundation is a research centre dedicated to technological innovation in the field of cooking and to the promotion of good eating habits, located at Món Sant Benet (Sant Fruitós de Bages). Grup Transversal has created and managed the educational service of the Alícia Foundation: it's in charge of the conception and production of all the workshops, organised in carts, as well as writing scripts for the activities, producing the materials and monitoring the workshops. Once again, another example of comprehensive planning, execution and management.

The Alícia Foundation workshops are varied; they can be aimed at children but also adults and revolve around a range of aspects related to gastronomy and eating habits: from workshops to study the perception of the senses; activities to learn how to make a healthy breakfast, workshops to encourage the consumption of fruit or discover all about medieval cooking (taking into account the fact that Alícia is next to the monastery of Sant Benet); workshops on gastronomy and history; scientific experiments in the kitchen; easy recipes for fast, healthy meals, etc.