Management of MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre

Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

Since 2012

Tancada Lagoon, Ebro Delta

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Management of a renowned facility to get to know and enjoy the Ebro Delta

Grup Transversal was commissioned by Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera to design a global project for a new centre located on the site of a former fish farm, next to Tancada Lagoon on the Ebro Delta. Transversal was responsible for the centre's design and museography and has run the facility since it was inaugurated in April 2012.
Transversal currently manages this nature centre through its subsidiary, Serveis Personals SL, whose main shareholder is Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera with Transversal as a minority shareholder.

The facility, created and produced by Grup Transversal, has a reception area and shops to receive, inform and attend to visitors; the Saltworks, where a site has been set up, to explain what they are and what they are used for; the Espai Delta, to experience the essence of the Delta; the Mirador 360° building which provides wonderful views of the vast Delta and the birds on the lagoon, with three educational rooms; the Hide, to observe the fauna at the former saltworks of Sant Antoni; and the jetty, where visitors can enjoy a barge ride.

Visitor services and bookings
In addition to being a centre open to the public, MónNatura Delta de l’Ebre is also an information point and a place to raise awareness of the Ebro Delta. That's why the visitor services emphasise its ties with the region. Visitor services include:
•    Managing bookings and requests for information.
•    Managing ticket sales.
•    Tourist information and on-site assistance.
•    Operations related to the areas open to the public and circuits.
•    Managing the shop of gastronomic and nature-related products.

Educational services
The centre offers guided tours, activities and family workshops, as well as a complete programme of educational activities. The educational project has also been produced by Transversal, together with the Territory and Environment department of the Fundació. These educational activities are based on three subject areas that form part of the MónNatura Delta project: birds, salt and fishing, and they are aimed at school children from the second cycle of Infant Education up to Baccalaureate and vocational training.

Creating products and managing special activities
Seasonal activities are organised every year, such as "Tales of the Delta" (a dramatised visit), as well as one-off events and festivals. For example, the "Kiddies Festival", aimed at families, is an event that has become increasingly popular in the region.

Tourism marketing
The strategy to attract visitors is implemented by a team that's responsible for marketing all the facilities of the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera.
Both domestic and international tourists are the target, as well as implementing other commercial actions aimed at more specific groups of people, such as fans of nature, schools and families. All these groups have a specific marketing strategy to ensure each target is reached and the goals established are achieved.