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A surprising museum project with top class technological resources for two jewels of architecture at Hoya de Huesca

The museum project carried out is the result of a strategic plan to develop tourism for the county of Hoya de Huesca, landed executively by Transversal, whose initial applications are museographic work on two of the most emblematic buildings: the Collegiate Church of Bolea and the church of San Pedro el Viejo, in Huesca. Following the premise of not damaging the monument, museography has been installed that can be totally removed.

The Collegiate Church of Bolea is a marvel of late gothic and renaissance architecture. Bolea is an essential monument for art lovers. The visit to the College Church is seen as a multi-sensorial journey through its history. An enigmatic person, the author of the church's restoration in the 19th century, presents the secrets of its history. The dramatised narration is developed via audiovisual projections directly onto the monument or in hologram format, combined with programmes of lights and surprising effects that provide a surprising journey and help visitors understand the main values of the building.

San Pedro el Viejo is a jewel of Romanesque architecture in the Aragon region and represents a landmark in its history. The work carried out by Transversal is based on an audiovisual projection located at the heart of the church, in its central nave. Visitors can thereby relive the most exciting episodes in its history. The audiovisual is complemented by a traditional visit to the church, where visitors can observe its treasures, its works of art and the value of its thousand year old stones.