Graphic Manual of Manresa’s Heritage

Manresa Council



  • Manual gràfic Manresa Patrimoni 0
  • Manual gràfic Manresa Patrimoni 1
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Modern and dynamic graphic images, for all types of uses and products

Manresa Council has taken on the task of updating and standardising the brand image of its municipality’s heritage, with the aim of presenting a coordinated corporate identity.

This manual, developed by Grup Transversal, is an instrument for standardising the elements of visual identity and the rules of implementation for the tourism and cultural brand of Manresa Heritage in all its forms and uses. The unusual aim is to achieve a coordinated brand image but with a set of differentiated heritage types that would be detailed in the document (natural heritage, baroque heritage...).

In order to create each of the logos, a real example from Manresa itself was sought, when possible, and a more general example when it wasn’t. The result is a graphic, modern and dynamic image, designed to develop a large number of compositions and products.