Industrial colonies

Catalan History Museum


Catalan History Museum, Barcelona

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Advanced museographic techniques for an experiential display on industrial colonies

Transversal created, for the Catalan History Museum, a temporary exhibition about industrial colonies, the manufacturing nuclei of key importance in the industrialisation of our country.

A modern, simple and elegant exhibition was created, with a proposal that included meaningful atmospheres and minimalist scenes. This was an exhibition presented with audiovisual and photographic elements, multiplying spaces and effects.

The scenes in the tour at the same time allow for a narrative exhibition: a journey. The visitor arrived to the colony from outside, by train, and entered the world of the colony through the factory door (off to work). After the working day, visitors entered the street and the day-to-day spaces (houses, shops, wife, family, etc.). At the end, they arrived to the square, which is the shared space, for leisure and celebrations, where people and their roles relate. The town was exited passing through the closed world of the owners and the future projects for when this system had come to an end.