CAT Pallars

Catalan government (Directorate General of Tourism)


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  • CAT Pallars 0
  • CAT Pallars 1
  • CAT Pallars 2

Modern museography and reclaiming medieval figures to promote the Pallars region in the world

The Pallars is a county with its own personality in terms of its landscape and people. The CAT Pallars is conceived as a latest generation visitor centre that is based on modern museography with audiovisuals taking pride of place.

One of the main aims is to raise awareness of one of the most interesting and emblematic personalities of the Middle Ages in Catalonia, namely Arnau Mir de Tost, feudal lord and knight, and his wife Arsenda de Tost.

The CAT Pallars project aims to occupy a themed space of approximately 100m2 and an audiovisual projected in a room already located in the building. The museographic resources proposed are platforms, cabinets, large format graphic elements and audiovisuals. A special point for children has also been to provide them with interpretation at their own level.