Executive museographic project for the Roca Umbert thermal power station and factory site

Granollers City Council
  • Roca Umbert 1
  • Roca Umbert 2
  • Roca Umbert 3
  • Roca Umbert 4
  • Roca Umbert 5
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A great immersive proposal to recover the old Roca Umbert thermal power station in Granollers

Grup Transversal has designed an experiential and immersive museographic project in the former Roca Umbert thermal power station in Granollers.

The recovery of "La Térmica" as an interpretative venue will revolve around three themes. Firstly, energy production serves as the core theme and creative basis, providing the overall museographic project with originality. Secondly, the industrial past of Granollers is also a theme while, finally, society's memories of the factory and its people by recuperating testimonies of the people who worked in the factory.

The immersive nature of this experience will be achieved by using audiovisual resources in various evocative formats: holograms, small format mappings with 3D simulations of the different areas as well as large format mappings and multi-projections, and also descriptive audiovisuals.
This immersive space generates up to seven scenes in a thematic journey through areas such as the boiler zone, the turbine zone, the cooler, etc., as well as two large exterior mappings designed to give continuity to the central story of energy.