Executive museographic project for the Paleontological Restoration and Interpretation Centre (CRIP)

Els Hostalets de Pierola Town Council
Els Hostalets de Pierola
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An executive project to define a new museography for the Palaeontological Restoration and Interpretation Centre in Els Hostalets de Pierola

Grup Transversal has conceptualised the museographic renovation of the Paleontological Restoration and Interpretation Centre (CRIP) of Els Hostalets de Pierola with the aim of turning a visit to this facility into an active and evocative experience of discovery.

To this end, an attractive story has been proposed that immerses the public and transports them to the Miocene era thanks to the immersive and interactive power of the museography, the creation of evocative environments, the projection of immersive audiovisuals and the presence of replicas and recreations of fossils, hominids, animals...

One of the main aims of the visit is also to introduce visitors to the work of palaeontologists, who are able to deduce what the world was like at that time thanks to the analysis and observation of fossil remains, as well as for visitors to discover the connections between humanity and our origins.

Grup Transversal's proposal is therefore defined as an experience which, through evocation and immersion, goes beyond what can be found in most conventional interpretation centres.