La Pedrera

Catalunya Caixa Foundation


La Pedrera. Barcelona

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Advanced didactics, first-hand and interactive in an exceptional building

La Pedrera has totally renewed its educational activities, converting the areas on the mezzanine floor into six latest generation classrooms within an exceptional architectural setting to carry out activities and workshops there in which advanced didactics and technology plan a key role.

These activities are characterised by their active, first-hand focus for the teaching, basing a large proportion of their activities on innovative museographic resources and interactive applications designed specifically to immerse participants wholly in the experience. Interactive competitions, research games, virtual lights... Tools that help students enjoy a one-off experience.

Transversal's work covered all the phases of this project: from the strategic management plan, creating and guiding workshops, the museographic and technological project, producing all the audiovisual and interactive elements and also the management of these workshops.