'A year in the Delta'

Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation


Món Natura Ebro Delta

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A sensory journey through the passing of the seasons in the Delta

"A year in the Delta" is the title of the audiovisual installation developed in the Delta Space, the interpretation centre of Món Natura Ebro Delta, a facility by the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation which promotes the great resources of this splendid natural area, one of the main wetlands in Europe.

The audiovisual presentation, developed by Transversal, manages to put all five senses in motion. This is a large format audiovisual installation that recreates a unique atmosphere and allows the spectator to experience the passing of the seasons during one year in the Delta. With impressive and fascinating images of the flora and fauna of the territory, presented with extreme sensitivity, the visitor can take a fascinating trip from one season to the next, from land to sea... An emotive and sensorial journey to feel the essence and the natural and traditional value of this extraordinary area.