Documentary for the application to UNESCO of Manual Bell Ringing as an asset of Intangible Cultural Heritage

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Production of a documentary by the Ministry of Culture to present the application of Manual Bell Ringing to be added to UNESCO'S Representative List

Grup Transversal, together with the Bellringers Association of Albaida, was responsible for writing, recording and producing a documentary about the present and future of Manual Bell Ringing in Spain.
The documentary was filmed all over Spain, highlighting the professionalisation of bellringing by hand. The audiovisual gives a voice to campanologists, bell founders and bellringing professionals. The aim was also to raise awareness of the different bellringer associations to illustrate the emotion of regaining or performing the ringing of the bells in their municipality. The audiovisual focuses on bellringers and how bellringing has enriched their lives. It also highlights exceptional situations such as the case of three young girls who are in charge of manually ringing the bells in their village to pay homage to the work carried out by a relative of theirs.
The audiovisual also shows the diversity of bell towers and different types of rings and peals performed in the various municipalities and how this age-old tradition has been passed on within families and communities. UNESCO recognition of Manual Bell Ringing is a way of preserving this tradition, ensuring it's documented and passed on to future generations.