Communication and branding plan for "Manresa 2022 Transforma".

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A strategic communication plan to attract new audiences based on the commemoration of an event

Grup Transversal has developed the strategic communication plan for Manresa 2022, the city's strategic commitment to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Saint Ignatius of Loyola's stay in the city. Our strategy creates a differential positioning based on "Transformation", a concept that's dynamic, forward-looking and transferable to other areas.
The communication plan provides a global view of the commemorative event and aims to boost the city's appeal and attract visitors (local, national and international). Some of the key tasks in this project have been defining a brand, naming changes, determining a new positioning, producing the messages and prioritising a series of communicative actions and targets.
The brand identity, understood as a graphic and conceptual expression, and its corresponding corporate manual have been drawn up. Grup Transversal was also responsible for the Manresa 2022 website, both in terms of its structure and design, created to become a reference for the brand in the online environment, explaining in greater depth the aims of this objective and the programme of events.