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Manresa Comercial



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A new, impressive image that conveys the solid, modern corporate values of Manresa Comercial

Manresa Comercial brings together a significant part of Manresa's retailers and aims to unite forces, create promotions and design strategies that benefit all associated establishments and help to boost trade in the city of Manresa in general. As part of a strategic renovation, the organisation commissioned Grup Transversal to design and renew the brand in order to create solid, modern corporate communication which people could clearly and easily recognise.

Grup Transversal accepted the commission with the challenge of creating an image more in line with the times, using imaginative supports and also traditional ones but with a new, impressive style and with a well-planned, deliberate application. The aim is for people to realise what Manresa Comercial is; for its associates to benefit from uniting their forces and the values conveyed by the brand; and also to attract new clients and increase the loyalty of existing ones.

The new image represents a bag, like the ones given to customers at any shop but whose body is a barcode. A striking, distinctive image that conveys modernity and at the same time provides a positive, optimistic image both due to the shape and the bright colours (burgundy and orange on a white background). The image has been adjusted to provide several variants adapted to the organisation's campaigns throughout the year (Christmas, sales, spring campaign) and applications have been produced for different media (totem to place at various points in the city, bags, leaflets, online applications, etc.).