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Top quality publications to help to revitalise tourism in Catalonia

The Catalan Tourist Board (ACT in Catalan), part of the Catalan government, plans and implements policies in this area and promotes Product Clubs, loyalty schemes that aim to support the sale and promotion of tourism products and services for its members. There are currently four product clubs (Cultural Tourism, Active-Nature Tourism, Gastronomic Tourism and Golf Tourism) with hundreds of members (tourism operators and companies).

Grup Transversal won the tender to produce several catalogues for these product clubs. These are highly ambitious publications with a meticulous, precise image that contain exhaustive information on each area, as well as proposals and detailed files on each of the club's members. Grup Transversal was asked to create the content and apply the ACT image to various catalogues (Active Nature, Wellness, Gastronomic Tourism), as well as produce a large format active tourism map.

The work included producing the general content, leisure and tourism proposals as well as files for each company or facility, all in permanent contact and with the supervision of the Catalan Tourist Board. In the area of design, new files were created for the club members and the corporate image of ACT applied. A new style was also defined for the photography, as well as creating and producing photographic reports using evocative images.

All this produced publications of great quality and achieved the aim of becoming a key element to promote the members of the Product Clubs and tourism in general in Catalonia. Grup Transversal was in charge of the editions in all languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German and Italian).