Management of the guided tour service in Manresa

Ajuntament de Manresa



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Creation, planning and management of routes to get to know the heritage and history of Manresa

With the aim of providing an overall view of the city of Manresa, Transversal created a whole series of routes around the town that revealed the most important times in its history through its heritage. Both the scripts and the design of the routes were carried out by Grup Transversal, and the visits were carried out with specialised guides.

These are just some of the visits organised: Medieval Manresa; Cathedral visit; Discover Manresa; Monumental Manresa; Visit to the Cave Sanctuary; Ignatian Manresa; The emergence of Catalan Modernisme; and The splendour of Baroque.

Grup Transversal also managed the dramatised visits offered for a range of heritage sites in this capital of the Bages region. These were activities which, in addition to a specialised guide, also included one or more actors who recreated figures from the era for the site in question.