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Catalunya Caixa’s whole universe, in 30 second capsules

Grup Transversal, through Pauta Estratègies de Comunicació, developed and produced an ambitious advertising campaign for Catalunya Caixa consisting of almost a hundred television microspaces, each 30 seconds in duration, broadcast every day after the evening news on the Catalan channel TV3. An original, close and effective way to explain the main aspects of Catalunya Caixa’s work, from a financial as well as a Community Work perspective.

These "spaces" were conceived as small informative pieces and workers from all areas of Catalunya Caixa appeared, as well as customers and beneficiaries of the different types of Community Work. This was an unconventional campaign, involving the broadcasting of a different "space" each day. It required intense work in the conceptualisation, content development and production of the "spaces", work which Transversal was entirely responsible for.

The pieces started with a small mask identifying Catalunya Caixa. In some there was a brief introduction with a journalist, continuing with an explanation of the service, project or product in question. In each piece at least one testimony was included, always real: an employee or manager of one of the Catalunya Caixa programmes or users and customers of the bank.

Filming took place in different places, from the branches or facilities of Catalunya Caixa to venues and facilities managed by the bank, like CX La Pedrera, Món Sant Benet, CX Món Natura Pyrenees and other natural areas, learning centres, universities, health facilities, etc. The introductions and other filming took place at Transversal’s facilities.