Cal Puigjaner Interpretation Centre

Olesa de Montserrat Town Council
Olesa de Montserrat
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An interpretation centre dedicated to the county of Montserratí

Cal Puigjaner is a 16th-century manor house located in the old town of Olesa de Montserrat. Thanks to its renovation, the municipality's first interpretation facility has been established and Grup Transversal was commissioned to design and produce its permanent exhibition. 

The story is based on the county of Montserratí and on the particular features of the villages and towns that all have the mountain of Montserrat as their backdrop. The content is divided into different themes, presented on horizontal panels that cover the walls and floor, each one a specific colour. This has provided the centre with a highly visual design in which a change in colour marks a change in theme. 

The centre has a number of large exhibits and also staged sets that animate the visit, contextualise the theme in question and enhance the overall exhibition. One of the zones also has an interactive game to offer visitors an appealing and enlightening experience.

Two audiovisuals can be watched during the visit. Projected directly onto the wall and with staged elements to contextualise them, these have been produced using the audiovisual and photographic material provided by various town councils and organisations from the county.