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Presenting the vast majority of ATM's business in a visually effective way

The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM in Catalan) is a consortium made up of the Catalan government, Barcelona Council and other institutions from the metropolitan area as a vehicle for cooperation between the public administrations responsible for transport services. Grup Transversal was asked to produce the annual reports for this consortium, publications containing the actions carried out each year and statistics on the system and data, such as audit reports and budgets.

Grup Transversal was responsible for creating and designing the publications. A clean, functional design was created with a large amount of data, graphs, tables and maps, and photographs were commissioned to provide an interesting presentation of the activity carried out by the metropolitan area's means of transport (bus, underground, train, tram...). One person was in charge of content and coordinated the gathering of the material and processing of all the data to be presented in the publication.

The result is an annual report that fulfils its function of presenting the vast majority of the work carried out by ATM in a visually attractive way.