"Yesterday, today and always. 30 years of a news leader at the service of Catalonia"

Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA)
Palau Robert, Barcelona
  • Ahir, avui i sempre 1
  • Ahir, avui i sempre 2
  • Ahir, avui i sempre 3
  • Ahir, avui i sempre 4
  • Ahir, avui i sempre 5
  • Ahir, avui i sempre 6

A temporary exhibition to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Catalunya Informació, Catalonia's leading news broadcaster

On 11 September 2022, Catalunya Informació celebrated 30 years of regular broadcasts. The event was accompanied by a themed exhibition in the gardens of the Palau Robert in Barcelona.
This exhibition, organised by Grup Transversal, also focused on the other news channels that make up the CCMA, namely 3/24 and the 324.cat portal, which will be 20 and 15 years old respectively in 2023.

The exhibition consisted of a chronological journey through the major news stories of the last 30 years by  means of a collection of photographs and videos by some of the Corporation's journalists. The graphic supports, arranged in different sets around the gardens, were complemented by ambient sound so that visitors could listen to different audio clips from news items, advertising spots and various original and contemporary jingles and separators from some of the years in question.

The exhibition can be seen via a web-based repository accessible by QR code.