Voices from the colonies

Barcelona Provincial Council / Olvan Council

2008 (Travelling 2009-2010)

Travelling (Cal Rosal, Cercs, Manlleu, Cornellà...)

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An experiential display to understand what the industrial colonies are and what they represent

The exhibition “Voices from the colonies” had two perspectives: one was more conceptual while the other was clearly anthropological, explored through the use of scenography. Some informative displays introduced the origins and characteristics of the colonies in general from the concepts of change and transformation: fitting with a conceptual reflection on continuity and change. Afterwards, a DVD reconstructed the ‘little-big’ story of Cal Rosal through archival and current images of the colony. This was the historic and documental contribution of the exhibition.

The second part was made up of eight scenes that framed and contextualised the “voices” from the colonies: six dialogues and two monologues that, through the mouths of their protagonists, spoke about the colony – and industrial colonies in general – in the years when the crisis and the end of the system began.