Torrons Vicens - The nougat and chocolate museum

Torrons Vicens
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An exercise in innovation to convey the history and values of the brand

The new Torrons Vicens facility is an example of how we believe a brand can be expressed in order to create a bond with its consumers, as an alternative to other, more conventional communication channels.

This new experience in the heart of Barcelona enables visitors to experience the tradition and modernity of nougat and chocolate associated with the values of two brands, Torrons Vicens and Xocolates Jolonch.

One of the central components within this experience is the infinity room, where visitors hear all about the history that began in 1770 in Agramunt and underwent a revolution when Àngel Velasco senior took over Torrons Vicens at the beginning of this century. A totally immersive effect is produced in this space, so that visitors lose all notion of spatial limits thanks to the multiplying effect of mirrors.

The chocolate and nougat workshop acts as a window onto the past, where history comes to life through virtual characters. This subtle set-up combines scenographic features with audiovisual projections in which lighting plays a key role. 

The Torrons Vicens space is an example of 360° methodology, in which Grup Transversal is responsible for the design, implementation and management.