The Witches of Lluçanès Tour

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A tour to understand the link of witchcraft to the region

The signage project of the Witches of Lluçanès Tour was developed alongside the Witchcraft Interpretation Centre. This centre’s objective is to study the phenomenon of witchcraft from a more general perspective and an anthropological perspective. The development of the itinerary demonstrates its relation with the region and the natural environment, the true "places" of witchcraft.

To learn about the intangible heritage of Lluçanès in relation to this phenomenon, a cultural tourism route was proposed that would allow the visitor to stroll and learn about the stories hidden in every corner.

The signage for heritage elements connected to witchcraft provides Lluçanès with related cultural tourism resources; something powerful and unique in Catalonia. This is a set of informative panels that allows us understand different aspects of this phenomenon and its influence on the life and culture of the region's people.