The pot’s landscape

Caixa Foundation Manresa – Alícia Foundation


Manresa, Plana de l’Om Exhibition hall

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A reflection on the origins of what we eat and our historical relationship with the environment to guarantee our nourishment

The objective of this exhibition was to explain how today’s citizens live in a way that has distanced them from the agricultural environment and how the products they consume are more and more standard, making it difficult to connect them to their point of origin. At the same time, however, facing this delocalisation, we have searched for ways to maintain biodiversity and re-establish the bond with the territory through cooking. The designations of origin or the work of the Alícia Foundation are examples of this.

The exhibition, created by Transversal Produccions Culturals, explains how cooking and landscape interact and follows the philosophy of the Alícia Foundation and of the Món Sant Benet vegetable gardens. It also looks at the historical relationship between humanity and the environment in guaranteeing food and nourishment and explains how mankind has used the landscape for cooking and how we have modified landscapes and products for our needs.