The "Masia"

Caixa de Manresa Foundation, Caixa de Sabadell Foundation, Caixa de Girona Foundation



  • La masia, una manera de viure i veure el món 0

A metaphorical and evocative journey through a traditional country house or "masia" to get to know how it works and how it's evolved

In order to provide a different view of the ancestral world, this project includes the publication of a book and an exhibition on the traditional world of the "masia". This is a different view of what is normally affected by the stereotypes of an idyllic ancestral world. However, the aim here was to show how a country house really worked, how and why it evolved, building up a whole world of characteristics.

The result is therefore a metaphorical journey inside a "masia", a small format exhibition suitable for travelling. Using an evocative but at the same time modern and educational display, the inside of a typical farmhouse is reproduced, with a metaphorical itinerary inside. Each part of the house (ground floor, living room and bedrooms, gallery, attic) provides a representative idea of the ancestral world (the figure of the heir, the different members of the family, marriage strategies, work in the fields, etc). This exhibition used carefully selected photographs and videos to show traditional tasks.