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A fascinating tour through the Catalan tanneries to bring the public closer to the evolution of the world of leather

This network is made up of the different historical tanneries of Catalonia. The objective of this audiovisual presentation was to raise awareness of these facilities and, at the same time, to explain the process of tanning skins; all in a pleasant and intriguing way and with attractive and innovative image treatment.

The presentation, scripted, developed and produced by Transversal, used the memory of an old tanner who, in 1917, saw the transformation from the old traditional process of tanning skins to the new industrial processes, and set out a journey for us through the main tanning centres that form the Network today.

The itinerary began in the city of Lerida, with the tanneries from the feudal era in the 13th century and which today are one of the best-conserved pre-industrial complexes in Spain; then passing through Tàrrega, Granollers, Vic and Igualada. The audiovisual presentation takes advantage of heritage resources as well as graphic and archival documentation to bring the public closer to this complex world of leather and the work carried out in trades which are, today, on the road to extinction, such as liming or tanning, traditions from the 13th century that employed many artisans in our towns and cities.