Strategic plan to develop tourism

Barcelona Provincial Council (Sports and Tourism Area)



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To enhance the image of Gelida as a <em>moderniste</em>, summertime town

The town of Gelida, located in the county of the Alt Penedès, asked for a tourism analysis as this sector seemed to be a clear alternative for its future. A practical study was requested to assess the tourist situation of the town and propose strategies to develop this.

Transversal's proposal consisted of enhancing Gelida's image as a moderniste, summertime town. The conclusion reached was that Gelida's most characteristic image is related to Catalan modernisme and its status as a summer resort at the beginning of the 20th century. Along these lines, a series of actions were planned to enhance and promote the town and help visitors discover it using itineraries relating three basic elements: the commercial and historic centre (with the Funicular playing a leading role), the immediate surroundings (with several typical springs) and the castle.