Strategic communication plan for the UPC Innovation Ecosystem

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 
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A communication plan to publicise a pioneering initiative aimed at bringing university talent and the business world closer together

The Innovation Ecosystem is an initiative by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) that originally came from the desire to bring the university, talent and knowledge closer to the business world. The goal is to create new ecosystems in which synergies and innovation can arise that enhance the productive fabric of the region and its competitiveness .
To raise awareness of the programme, UPC asked Grup Transversal to draw up a strategic communication plan. The premise was to develop a practical tool which could be used to define a series of relevant strategies and actions that help to improve its positioning within the sphere of the university and in relation to its mission and purpose.
To begin with, an exhaustive internal analysis was carried out via interviews with the main people involved, both from UPC and the business ecosystem, followed by an external analysis of the communication impacts and other relevant international universities with business development centres. The different target groups were then identified and a series of messages and actions developed to be carried out within the framework of the different communication strategies.
The communication plan has been complemented with the production of a corporate identity manual that summarises its graphic, verbal and conceptual identity, as well as a presentation dossier for the unit and a strategy and content guide for social media.