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Sant Fruitós revitalisation plan to take advantage of Món Sant Benet

Caixa Manresa has promoted a project to convert Sant Benet de Bages, a monastery located within the municipality of Sant Fruitós, into a large complex for culture, leisure and tourism with great emphasis on the Bages region but especially on its closest towns. With this revitalisation plan, Sant Fruitós Council aims to position its municipality in line with the future of Sant Benet, believing that mere proximity, per se, is not a factor that automatically benefits the town. Another aim is to raise awareness of the whole of the town regarding the importance of the event and of the need to get involved in a process of collective revitalisation.

Transversal has drawn up a plan analysing the resources and potential of Sant Fruitós, as well as its main weak point, namely the fact that it's a town people pass through, without any outstanding attractions inviting them to stop. A series of strategies have been proposed aimed at preparing the municipality for the opening of the monastery. The most relevant actions are the creation of an interpretation centre on the rural world to position the town more attractively, as well as measures to encourage the installation of a hotel in the town which should benefit from synergies with the Sant Benet complex.