River Llobregat

Barcelona Provincial Council


Counties within the province of Barcelona through which the River Llobregat passes

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The first step in improving the Llobregat river area in tourism terms

Barcelona Provincial Council asked Transversal to draw up a tourism development project for the area of the River Llobregat.

This project is based on an analysis and diagnosis of the area under study (inventory of the current and potential tourism resources contained in the area of the valley of the River Llobregat, including its catchment area; study of the management bodies and structures throughout the catchment area of the River Llobregat; quantitative and qualitative assessment of the resources available; assessment of the human and economic resources; and models for tourism management and promotion).

This whole inventory has been produced following a comprehensive data management model created for this purpose, with the aim of obtaining quantitative and qualitative data which the Council has passed on to the different managers and people in charge of activities, resources and products.